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Romance and Love

Romance & Holy Romance

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[siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Media_Image”][/siteorigin_widget] Romance…. ahhhh yes! Music is always good medicine. I am a Romantic and a Dreamer. Music lifts me high and at times consumes me just as a lover does.  As a writer, I have my share of muses, and situations that inspire my favorite love songs. When I was first awakened to the ….  Read More

The Listener

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The Listener asks….Can you feel me? In Life; listening is good. #1 I am often faced with people in conversation who are not always the best listeners.  What I have learned to repair this is to be a great listener myself first, putting the other person before myself, and foremost, making sure they are and ….  Read More


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Whether we’re single or in a relationship, there are times when we all feel dismayed.  We can be in love with our partner, but still feel we are unfulfilled and feel alone. Maybe there is not much time throughout the work week to spend with your friends or a partner and you feel isolated and lonely. “Dismayed” ….  Read More

Valentines & Commitment

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When we make a commitment to another person through love; we are taking on a responsibility to share our love and life with that person. We are silently telling them that we are now going to take into consideration, their feelings and concerns, as well as our own. Your once single-self life has now become ….  Read More

LoveStruck – One Sweet Kiss

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Kisses rarely have flavor, but are usually referred to as sweet. Like the taste of wine, strawberries and honey; these are some of the most common descriptions of a lover’s kisses. “Honey and milk are under thy tongue” Says the Song of Songs.  “But it is the Spirit within a Kiss that makes us all  LOVESTRUCK” states Miss ….  Read More


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I’m a big dreamer and advocate for bliss.  I strive to envision a better world at all times and it always begins in my thought life and within my relationships. I had enough bad experiences in choosing the wrong partner, and with communication, that I learned what is good and better.  I believe good communication ….  Read More