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Merry Christmas

However You Celebrate May you experience more Love, Joy and Peace this holiday season. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!   Fruit Of The Spirit All Year Long Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah … and Merry Kwanzaa too!  With many walks of life, we remember this season is about Love above all. And no ….  Read More

Do What You Love Every Day

Do What You Love Every Day Time is a great gift. So is our health. When we have both we have much. Every individual has a purpose with unique gifts to offer to the world. When we know we are loved, we can best enjoy using those gifts to benefit our lives and the other ….  Read More

Fine Dine (Even At Home)

#10 Living Large; Fine Dine (Even At Home) Food is an essential element to everyday life. And embracing food preparation and delivery is a routine and practice that can be meditative, relaxing and extremely fulfilling. Not only do we receive the nutrients we need to live healthy and balanced lives, but we also enjoy an ….  Read More

Rest & Vacation Well

Rest Well An important part of succeeding means knowing when to rest. We need to be able to take our hands off of the wheel. Dreams take time to come true. And perseverance is always required. There are successes and failures along the way and we will all experience times when we want to quit. ….  Read More

Strive For Excellence –

Situations abound!  Excellence Resounds ! Can you hear the echo? You may not have much money.  And you may not have many reliable friends or family to support you…. But then on the other hand, you might have an abundance of money and plenty of great friends and family; and yet you lack enthusiasm and ….  Read More

Take Healthy Risks!

Take Big Risks (Be Fearless) #7 Living Large Stepping up to greatness, for me, means stepping out into something new, each and every day. Breaking through barriers and experiencing “the difference” requires getting really good at being fearless and taking healthy risks. The status quo will never do. So, in order to live large in ….  Read More

Be Committed –

Truly experience an abundance of good. When you desire to live large, even in little ways, it is essential to live committed in your integrity and with relationships. And when you want to grow your personal groove, or business, commitment is vital to expand. There are multiple ways we need to be committed in daily ….  Read More

Work Hard For Success!

Any great accomplishment requires effort and hard work. And great achievement often takes time, so the effort and hard work must continue. Perseverance is essential to achieving goals. And for me personally, nothing feels quite as rewarding as a day filled with positive output and hard work, while working smart toward my dreams. In other ….  Read More

“Angel At Christmastime” from Miss Kristin is a new song to have on repeat, for your playlist this Christmas. Available in stores at streaming sites. Listen at Spotify and discover at Amazon Music and Apple Music. Use Alexa! Just say; “ALEXA- Play Miss Kristin, ‘Angel At Christmastime'”

Miss Kristin’s “Getaway” Demonstrates Unease Regarding Pandemic Isolation for Corona Diaries

Corona Diaries is the revolutionary new original set of various artists tracks from Big Fuss Records. The music expresses individual style with personal experience in Pandemic times. “Getaway” is the opening track from music producer, Miss Kristin.
Miss Kristin
Miss Kristin

CAMPBELL, Calif. – Oct. 5, 2020 – PRLog — Exasperation, sadness, optimism, panic, and everything in between is reflected in “Corona Diaries” (Songs for a Pandemic) from Big Fuss Records.  “Getaway” is the opening track from organizer of the set; Producer/Artist, Miss Kristin.

“Getaway” is curated from a personal world view experience of the Covid 19 crises and initial pandemic lockdown. Add to this, current events which include public deception and political unrest, Kristin sings about the need to take a much-needed break and vacation from home confinement and the bizarre untruths of the day, circulating throughout society on a regular basis.

The driving rock style “Getaway” features Tom Landry guitars.

Kristin states: “‘Getaway’ delivers a certain angst that for music lovers, can release stress and express what many are feeling. Kristin adds, “I believe music can be like medicine, to help people to feel better, and “Getaway” goes to the place where we sometimes feel we need to be.” Kristin goes on to say, “This is the reason I wrote the song. To help myself cope in this difficult time. And it works for me and helps me to lighten up.”

A musical expression of circumstance due to the Corona Virus Pandemic experience in 2020, “Getaway” sets the stage for nine songs that follow in varying genres. These featured artists are top tier, presenting heart tugging expressions toward a more positive outcome in a difficult situation and time.

Learn more by visiting BIG FUSS RECORDS