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Miss Kristin “Nothing You Can’t Do” Worldwide

“Nothing You Cant Do” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major digital music platforms February 17, 2023.


"Circle Of Light" in Stores Now!

“Circle of Light” is the new and original collection of songs from Kristin Pedderson at Big Fuss Records. The thirteen-song set comes from a place of beauty, inspiring inner harmony and joy to all who listen.

The music has an organic, modern, and soulful new folk sound, that defies category, but is instantly relatable. Listen at Spotify or other favorite streaming services.

Do You Have Hope Today?

Many people go through daily life, without really believing they’re prayers are being heard. For some, hope for a positive outcome through difficulties is scarce. But there is comfort in choosing hope. And although it may be difficult to find hope as we look around, we need to be proactive and remember to consider how ….  Read More

When All Appears Lost

There are times, where all may appear lost before being found. And when these moments come, all that is desired, is for a bit of good news. A little smidgen of hope for something wonderful to happen. Yet, hope feels absent and hard to find. When all has been lost, trusting God is all there ….  Read More

The Highest Calling

Many people feel removed from helping others in times of distress. Mostly unsure of how they can be of service and what exactly to do. But helping those in need is the highest calling. There are signs and suggestions from the Holy Spirit, for ways to make a difference. But when trouble comes, it can ….  Read More

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Kristin is currently releasing new music, videos, and books while performing in distinct locations. Stay to date on the news… Join the journey and be the first to be notified of upcoming offerings. 

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Music Producer Takes to Social Media With 365 Daily Inspirations (Ideas for Higher Living)

Miss Kristin has been entertaining fans with her unique musical creations for over 20 years. Lately, she has taken to social media with daily inspirations.

365 Daily Inspirations, Higher Living, Kristin PeddersonPeople around the globe are hurting. Many wonder how to prevail. My goal is to impart Truth and spiritual wisdom.”
— Kristin Pedderson

CAMPBELL, CA, UNITED STATES, October 4, 2022 / — Miss Kristin is well known for her musical compositions and her stand out vocal style. The artist has produced a vast array of recordings over 20 years. Now she has taken to social media with daily inspirations from her new book, “365 Daily Inspirations (Ideas for Higher Living)”, with an intention to strengthen and uplift her Social Media Community.

Currently, portions from the new book are being shared on Facebook directly to Kristin’s pages, where the readings are spurring a return to deeper faith for countless readers.

Kristin states, “People around the globe are hurting. Many wonder how to prevail. My goal is to impart Truth and spiritual wisdom.”

The Author is helping people dive deeper into ideas that go beyond religion. “365 Daily Inspirations” emphasizes relationship with God. The book is centered on Love, with teaching on Christlikeness, revealing concepts that strengthen the inner being of an individual.

“365 Daily Inspirations (Ideas for Higher Living)” is an effort that was born out of experience for Author Kristin Pedderson. Thirty years ago, Kristin had a spiritual awakening that changed her entire trajectory. When the shift happened, Kristin witnessed a plethora of miracles, signs, wonders, and dreams.

Since that time, Kristin has been producing expressive music with a message to the tune of over 20 albums in 20 years. She is a multi-instrumentalist who performs and records most of her own instruments. She writes all the lyrics and creates her own video productions to supply her YouTube channel.

Kristin adds, “I had a dream, where I recognized a need for healing from years of trauma. At that time, I began writing songs and fell in love with the practice of expressing thoughts and feelings through words. I had no idea how it would play out, but now I understand that I was given a great gift. Today, my purpose in sharing on social media, is to inspire and encourage individuals, who welcome rich direction for higher living.”

“365 Daily Inspirations (Ideas for Higher Living)” has a tentative release date slated for next year.

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