"Circle Of Light" in Stores Now!

“Circle of Light” is the new and original collection of songs from Kristin Pedderson at Big Fuss Records. The thirteen-song set comes from a place of beauty, inspiring inner harmony and joy to all who listen.

The music has an organic, modern, and soulful new folk sound, that defies category, but is instantly relatable. Listen at Spotify or other favorite streaming services.

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Miss Kristin Returns With New Music; “Circle Of Light” Available At Major Streaming Sites

Miss Kristin, Kristin, Pedderson, Circle Of Light, Album Art, Big Fuss Records“Circle Of Light” by Miss Kristin, ignites a spark to light up musical spaces at Big Fuss Records. The new music release is available today at streaming sites.


“Circle Of Light” is the new music release from Miss Kristin at Big Fuss Records. The original selection is available today at all major streaming sites Worldwide and delivers compositions that expose a tranquil combination of lyricism, vocal ambiance and melodic hooks, demonstrating Kristin’s one of a kind originality.

“Circle Of Light” indicates Kristin’s reflective life, filled with new hope for living. The songs are a journey of self-discovery that expose themes surrounding the ideas of light and love, missed opportunities and failures, along with new found expressions of joy, pain and celebration. The lyrics are written from Miss Kristin’s heart and soul in order to inspire others to do the same. Kristin states, “In the light we have peace. Our souls are at rest. We are stronger. We notice that we are more confident and in better health. Our thoughts have clarity and direction. In the light, we have fewer doubts.”

“Circle Of Light” strikes a chill yet adventurous tone that is intended to be both entertaining and enlightening for the listener. Kristin plays the instruments on the new music release, including acoustic guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, and percussion instruments. The artist has plenty of creative recording studio experience and does her own mixing and mastering on the production as well.

Kristin is regarded as an inspirational and passionate creative writer. Her songwriting style paints pictures of personal life experience, where the music is mostly optimistic, while reveling in the reality of trial and turmoil amidst splendor in the world. The first single for “Circle Of Light” is “Light Of The Moon”. The song echoes the difficulty people face in the dark, all while magnificence abounds by the light of the moon.

Miss Kristin’s productions are not ordinary in today’s music industry. Her voice holds an unmatched nuance and tonal quality. Her current sound flows between electronic pop to acoustic stylings that blend Folk, with dreamy Easy Listening music, both inspirational and hopeful. Kristin’s heartfelt melodies and earnest lyrics connect to each other in meaningful ways.

Many of the songs on “Circle Of Light” are already available at YouTube.Com where Kristin delights in producing her own music videos that go along with her choice of selected tracks.

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