Month: June 2015

Ten Years

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The compilation, “Ten Years” (Miss Kristin) arrived in stores June 19, 2015. “Ten Years” marks the anniversary and lasting effort of a single minded approach, to music creation. Kristin’s single minded vision is displayed through self releasing and producing her original indie music catalog in this coming of age collection. The lyrical sage, demonstrates acute creative energy with a true songwriting passion for words. Kristin ….  Read More

The Eye of the Storm


There are storms that come into our lives and change the way we are forever.  Earthquakes, floods, tornado, fires, Tsunami’s and Typhoons. When these tremendous and frightening situations occur, one thing that usually always stands true, is the good nature in people who join together to be of service to help one another.  This is ….  Read More

Love and Time

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There are many choices we make in life. There are those times we are faced with a need to sacrifice in our lives. Perhaps for a dream or a goal. “I sacrifice often for the sake of my art. What motivates me to choose my way toward the light, are the rewards.” MK   Love and Time make great ….  Read More

Faith, Hope and Love


Music is my medicine. Writing and producing, and creating  new music, helps me to re-charge and re-gain my  strength.  This track was created specifically for my own encouragement, and now for the world who can use more Faith, Hope and Love. Undisturbed and un-examined, old thoughts lacking in Faith, Hope and Love continue to direct us down unusable, personally destructive ….  Read More