I’m a big dreamer and advocate for bliss.  I strive to envision a better world at all times and it always begins in my thought life and within my relationships. I had enough bad experiences in choosing the wrong partner, and with communication, that I learned what is good and better.  I believe good communication techniques are necessary in any relationship.  Life is for the living. We must take risks and discover how we can all better get along.

Being loyal to one another and never stabbing each other in the back is a big part of connection. There are actually times when blood relatives don’t do a good job in this area and end up breaking bonds that can never be replaced. There are also times when friends are so good to each other that they can be trusted no matter what, and can even be regarded as family more so than the blood relatives in one’s life. Loyalty means to be there for one another, to never do anything that intentionally would hurt one another, and to trust each other with secrets, belongings, and in other life circumstances.

“My new song “Souvenirs” is about our differences and how we can dare to make beautiful memories. These sweet memories and experiences are the souvenirs.”

The life of connection should be about trying to get along. Each person needs to cooperate with the others to make for a harmonious journey. This is not always easy by any means. Many days it takes work to get along. Everyone has their stresses and can be cross from time to time. Just because they are suffering though, does not mean they need to take it out on others and allow for negativity to spread.

I beseech you to make beautiful memories and collect many “Souvenirs”.  Love Miss Kristin

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