Our Great Intelligence

Great Intelligence

Feeling out of control can be uncomfortable. And with much going on around us, it’s very difficult to not be affected by world events from one moment to another. Additionally, everyone has a level of pain. Each with private and personal challenges.

And because much is out of control, we do our best to govern what we can. We may exercise self-control in our speech and actions, which is great, but we need to let go of matters happening around us, understanding that God is the Great Intelligence.

Isn’t it good to know that we don’t have to know it all? God knows exactly what we need, when we need it. This Great Intelligence understands everything about us and how the world works with us in it. So we can let go and turn our will over. We do not need to perceive our way in everything, for our lives to be fulfilled.

We grow in situations that feel out of our control. And when we are uncomfortable, we are moved to action. Perhaps we need to change something or step out in some way. Circumstances may appear frightening. But this Great Intelligence, we call God, is changing us deep within. We are becoming Christlike as we face challenges, by letting go and trusting. We cannot manage all and oversee outcomes.

And when we hold on to control, we are not trusting. Instead, we demonstrate distrust in the Universe, toward our Creator. This Great Intelligence from where we came, blesses amid the struggle. So we can face issues head on, knowing there is a greater power at work for our good and benefit. This is how we overcome the world.

Through storms and challenges, most would rather prefer God to run things anyway. We recognize that our wisdom does not measure up to the miraculous wisdom that created the Universe and everything in it. Our Great Intelligence.  (c) Kristin Pedderson 2023


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