The Value of Incremental Progress

Incremental Progress, Value

Our world celebrates instant gratification and overnight successes. And because of this, the concept of starting small may seem counterintuitive. But this is where we are to begin when we step out to do something great. Especially when serving the Lord in any capacity.

We are bombarded with stories of rapid growth and monumental achievements, leading us to believe that significant progress is achieved through grand gestures and dramatic leaps. However, there is immense value in starting small and embracing the journey of incremental growth. By taking small steps consistently, we lay the foundation for lasting success.

And one of the key advantages of starting small is the ability to build momentum. Whether a personal goal or a professional project, the sheer magnitude of a dream or task can be overwhelming. In fact, for most, it is easy to get paralyzed by the enormity of the challenge and succumb to inaction. This is why trusting God step by step, is necessary. He leads us with manageable tasks, in the moment, to gain a sense of progress and triumph.

And as we consistently work toward achievable goals, we transform our lives in profound ways, while breaking down challenges. Whether it’s learning a new skill, adopting a healthier lifestyle, or nurturing meaningful connections, starting small, helps to set a path for continuous improvement and fulfillment. Achievable tasks can develop discipline, focus, and perseverance. And these qualities become the building blocks of success, enabling us to stay committed and motivated even with obstacles and setbacks.

There is much character building that needs to take place in order to stand in the glory of greatness. And God will lead you daily in courage and humility, to face every task. No need to rush and get ahead of yourself. Only trust the Lord with every step. And there is no reason to wait to follow your dreams. Set a goal and go for what you envision. Using the suggestion of incremental progress, you can realize your big dreams in small steps. And you can do this at any age, and with any challenging endeavor.