You Are Never Alone

Eagle, Eagles fly alone

One spiritual practice in various transcendent teachings, is self-sufficiency, which is defined as the quality or condition of being self-sufficient. This means that a person is not likely to need help from, or interaction with others. This is good as much as possible, but we are social creatures and not created to be alone. We will need people and help on occasion. 

Self-sufficiency ideally requires us to be joined with the Creator for guidance and fellowship. Jesus was completely connected to God. His life was a life of service and a quiet journey of introspection. He may have felt alone at times, but He was never alone. 

Everyday that we live, we hold purpose. Someone is affecting us, or we are affecting someone, in some way. And God’s guidance and blessings for our well-being, include family, friends, and even service and social workers. Additionally, there is no guarantee that a spouse, friend or family member will live alongside us for our entire journey. And there is no promise that we will not come into some issue that changes our world in a way that makes us realize, we are each here individually. 

God asks us to follow into places where no one can come with us. We are like the eagle who flies alone, soaring above the clouds. And to be a person of strength to fly victoriously, we need to be completely reliant on God. 

Our help comes from the Lord. And you are never alone when you have the Holy Spirit guiding you. So do not be afraid to walk alone. Each day you are alive is a gift and time passes quickly. Remember, it’s never good to look back in retrospect with regrets.  

Countless people stay in bad relationships for fear of being alone. They go to parties with the wrong people and make bad financial decisions due to codependent tendencies. However, co-dependence is the reverse of self-sufficiency. So it is very important to pay attention to a propensity toward codependence, which distracts from God’s leading.

When the Lord is leading you to help someone, surely do so. Do not fear, but instead, trust God and soar like an eagle. Always remember that when you miss the leading of the Holy Spirit, you miss out on the abundance of good that life offers. Maybe you are fearful of what’s to come, or perhaps dependent on another human being. Whatever it may be, you can have security knowing that you are Loved and cared for God. You are never alone.