Are You Rebellious?

Rebellious, Sting, Rebellion

Rebellion is a natural response to things we fear or may be unsure of. And rebellion as an action, is usually how most get straightened out and on the right track. Jonah was rebellious when he ran from God and found himself swallowed, and in the belly of a whale.

When I look at my behavior, I can say that I have been rebellious in matters. This is because when there is a spirit of freedom, there is an inclination toward rebellion. And I’ve always considered myself to be free. But with every act of rebellion, the outcome and aftermath returns to the original issue and request.

So, a keen observer will recognize that original guidance and instruction do not go away. And delaying any exhortation, only complicates matters. Things are more difficult in the long run. Additionally, prolonged rebellion can adversely affect one’s mental health and physical well-being. All of our good outcomes are affected when we are rebellious.

Progress requires us to learn. And as we grow from experience, we gain maturity. We may have an understanding that we should be doing this or that. And even though we have this leading, we may still be afraid of outcomes, or how to achieve it. When afraid, we tend to avoid guidance regarding what it is we need to do.

However, the only way to have true peace is to follow God and learn to say yes to His will. This is because God desires the highest good for each of us. And mostly, we do not know what that is. We receive leading and may be rebellious, because we do not recognize that something is good for us. But by the end of rebellion, we usually follow the path originally designed for us.

How do we find peace of mind? Over time, we recognize that rebellion is futile and a hindrance to our good outcome for success in daily life. So the best thing we can do is to become quick to respond with yes, to the Lord, for the highest good.

Say this: “Lord, help me to hear your voice and obey.”