Compassionate Boundaries

When we love deeply, we become compassionate beings.  Compassion is one of the greatest qualities we can behold in this earthly life. Compassion is the response to the suffering of others, which motivates a desire to help.

Compassion inspires people to go out of their way, to assist physical, spiritual, or emotional hurts or pains, of another.

As disciples of LOVE, we must be compassionate toward one another. Yet it is essential to have a sense of balance in our compassionate giving. We must have boundaries to recognize when to give and when to allow God to work.

Learning and having boundaries in LOVE is important.

As givers, we need to know when to give and when not to; so as to not be taken advantage of.  We must be able to discern each situation compassionately, and not be blind in our compassion, enabling others.

I am a giver and a person who loves deeply and compassionately.  I have found that there have been times in my life, when I have been out of balance and have forgone healthy boundaries. In other words, I have been overly compassionate toward another person, perhaps helping them with various physical, mental and spiritual needs, while neglecting my own.

We can listen to the voice of LOVE to know when to compassionately help, while allowing God to work.

Taking time to remember and pay attention to our sense of balance, gives us the position of respecting our own mental, spiritual, and physical needs.

How we reason can be influenced by our emotions, beliefs, traditions, and our past pains and insecurities.

We want to help others, but there is a God who also wants to help. When we begin doing more than we should be, believing we are alleviating another’s suffering compassionately; this can produce co-dependency, which is an out of balance situation.

It is essential in our compassion to listen and hear and then to obey the voice of God within.

Remember the first commandment: Love the Lord your God with all you Heart, Mind and Soul and then Love your neighbor as yourself. That means you must love yourself enough to know when you are out of balance in your compassionate giving.