As human beings, we desire love. It is true.
But the word LOVE itself is often confused with ROMANCE.

Romance is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.
It is a quality of mystery, excitement, and remoteness in everyday life.

As I sing about Love and Romance; I desire to clarify that I am not referring particularly to sex. Sex is a wonderful pleasure that is a deepening of intimacy between two people. It can be romantic, but romance itself is an expression of one’s strong romantic love. This can be active in an effort of inspiration to demonstrate one’s deep and strong emotional desires, to connect in a special way, with another person beyond sex.

Thoughtfulness is the key to Romance. For instance, love letters, scattering roses, cooking a meal, lighting candles, a surprise drive or getaway, a walk in the park holding hands, are all romantic gestures.

Romance keeps people feeling alive and enjoying life; particularly through dark times, trials and aging. When a person is sweet toward another, thoughtful, giving and pure, for the sake of play or deepening love; enchantment happens. Enchantment excites an otherwise dull experience.

Chivalry, graciousness and loyalty are all qualities of beauty and romantic love.

Does your life feel dull? Do you desire to experience a higher level of intimacy and excitement? Consider becoming romantic and adding to your life. It does not take money. But it does take a bit of effort. It takes a willingness to play in the fields of love. And it is not done to “get something” i.e. sex or achieve an end. Romance is a gift one gives, where the green grass grows forever and where people remain forever young and beautiful in dreams. It is making memories. It is living a dreamy life and growing in LOVE. Listen to THE DREAMER full length collection and experience the delight of Romantic music.

Romance is the light inside the dark.