The Life Of A Minstrel

(And Forming Attachments)

The Life Of a Minstrel and my life as a songwriter and artist in its fullest sense of the word means sharing and moving about.  The internet is ideal in that it brings music to a wide world of people; but that does not satisfy the soul of a true minstrel or troubadour.

The name ‘minstrel’ means “little servant”.

Minstrels at one time, created their own ballads and were famous for memorizing long poems based on myths and legends which were called ‘chansons de geste’. The themes of the songs sung by the Troubadours also dealt with chivalry and courtly love but they also told stories of far off lands and historical events. Minstrels were replaced by Troubadours and started to move around and were known as ‘Wandering Minstrels’.

When I had my spiritual awakening, I had a vision of myself as one of these. I had pointy toe shoes too! Now in today’s daily life and routine, some 28 years later, I am a modern day minstrel as so many others. I have created my business in a freelance style; where I can work from wherever I am, and I am beginning to go from town to town, bringing my songs to venues on the fly while finding wonderful people, good audiences, and my personal courage with more benefits.

I mentioned forming attachments in the title, because, it’s easy to get attached to what’s comfortable and then not step out into the unknown. This minstrel and troubadour woman is in a season right now. I desire to use my time wisely. I have to, at one point, move along so that I can explore and express more.

The image of the Minstrel and Troubadour is a strong one.

They were first and foremost entertainers and are remembered for their lasting image wearing bright parti-colored costumes.

I may need to work on the costumes more in the future, but for now, getting free is everything to me. To be who I am completely; using the gifts God gave me naturally, my voice, my guitar, like water that flows, or waves that wash in to the shore.  Its’ been more challenging in my natural world, because it requires me to support myself with my working life of running my businesses.

So being me means multitasking today. And being a minstrel and troubadour who practices non-attachment.

Keep me in your prayers. I love you.