Give and Receive Happiness!

Happiness is not always going to “find” you. Therefore, you’ve got to passionately, intentionally, seek, chase and pursue it on your own.

Did you know that nearly half of kids think of others during the holidays? 48 percent say they would ask their parents to donate some of their allocated “gift” money to charity. Of all kids surveyed, girls between the ages of 6 and 8 are the most likely to give up their presents.  The happiness people experience when they are givers is gigantic.

There will always be people, systems and personalities trying to rob you of your joy and purpose. Once you find your joy, it’s up to you not to let it go.

Whether you are recovering from heartbreak or coming to terms with a recent disappointment, resolve to maintain your joy through every life issue. Don’t succumb to the innate urge to fold up into a ball and withdraw from your world. Embrace your faith and rely on God to comfort you and bring peace while He restores your emotional equilibrium. Get involved and seek out a path for giving. Discover fresh interests by trying new things, meeting new people, reading new books or embarking on a new hobby. Find ways to bring your gifts to the table. Look for ways to give and choose to be happy, joyful and content at this very moment in your life. Take solace in knowing that your current position doesn’t predict your personal potential. You’re on your way to some place wonderful! Make your plans, map your goals, make a difference and a conscious choice to do good deeds through giving and continue on your happy, fun- filled course! Choose to be happy, today!