Its Time For Change; Gun Control Laws

The world continues to evolve at an alarming pace

and with the changes that we see within society; we as a people must be able to act quickly and speak up for the reform we need to live safe and happy, sustainable lives. What is not working, we need to amend and transform until we have what works.

In the wake of the recent school shooting tragedy in Parkland Florida where 17 people lost their lives to an unstable young gunman wielding , we are hearing more voices speak up in favor of improved gun control. I am in agreement that people, contemplating evil and planning devastation, should not be able to attain assault weapons (rifles) where multiple rounds of ammunition can be shot out in succession and over short periods of time.

Let’s make our voices heard!

Gun control doesn’t have to mean no guns. Gun show loopholes need to be stopped. Ammunition should not be sold online. Mandatory wait periods should be enforced, during which time a thorough background check, psychological and medical evaluation, and character references should be completed. Training and testing should be mandatory.

This situation breaks my heart.

I can write and sing songs that help to comfort the hurting.  Here is “Only God Knows Why” But somehow it does not feel like enough. What I recognize and hope you will too, is that I can also use my voice through voting, and signing petitions for more stringent gun laws.  Won’t you join me?

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