A Summer Adventure To Remember

Music is an awesome adventure and the scenery is always interesting.

From the many talented artists I encounter, to the beautiful landscapes and scenery; my musical road trip for a purpose of rehearsing, performing and getting out and meeting people and of course seeing family, goes beyond everyday life and is rewarding in itself.

Even when the scenery feels dull and the spirit gets a bit road weary, the moments evolve and beauty, happiness and exploration take over. I’ve noticed that as I drive from place to place, I have a full grin, almost the entire time. This may be because of the freedom I feel in facing my fears and challenging myself to get out and play; or it may be just because I’m happy. But this smile is real and one I won’t soon forget.

Road trips have a way of making you think about things.

I noticed as I was driving and approaching Sioux Falls,
SD that the wind was fierce.

And when your pulling an RV trailer, you can’t help but notice the wind.

Really all there is to do is think as you drive and drive some more!

And the message I get from the wind at this point in my journey is that if I can help it and have a choice, to go where the wind is at my back. I will choose not to bother going against the wind if I can help it.

The message; go where I am welcomed, where the living is easy. Where when I work I see real results! Where we all grow together and enjoy the learning. Moving along with my beloved….the journey continues… You are my desire. Won’t you come with me?