Relational Differences

In these times we live in, where people are free to be themselves…

I felt a need to blog about relationships.

Being a woman in a culture that has evolved and continues to evolve; I feel it is important to say that not every woman or man, may choose to be in a relationship, bi, gay or straight. It does not make them any less of a person.

I have seen both sides of love. I’ve had my heart broken and I’ve broken hearts. And what I have learned is whether you are in a committed relationship or living solo, there is a cycle of joy and a cycle of challenge; also known as pain that comes from growing.

Why is it that single men are respected and understood if they choose to stay single; but single women are often not thought of the same way? If a woman wants to live free, as an interdependent with the ones she loves; why is that odd?

Because it is not what everyone else is doing.

It’s a lot easier to conform and be like everyone else in this world, but following your own path when it is different from others, or the norm, is much more difficult.

To love more than one person deeply and even intimately; is that wrong?

Again, it’s less wrong for a man… and often not acceptable for a woman.

Why do people become co-dependent and always have to have another person to feel whole?

They even attach to the wrong person at times so they don’t have to be single.

Others are fortunate to find a partner they can grow with. These two become one whole.
Were they not whole first?  More than likely and hopefully they were. I believe when they are whole first, the better chances of success in that relationship.

Within partnerships over the expanse of time, one or the other must compromise.

They do this in meeting new people, taking on new challenges…and more.

But the reward is sometimes what people would call comfort in knowing that they are not alone.

The reward is Comfort.

Is this why we do relationships?

Jesus was called the comforter.

What if you were whole without anyone else?

What if you had complete comfort in the truth of God’s Love for you? 

What if you had all the love in the world and many loved ones to share your world with?

What if you felt complete as you were, as you are, all on your own?

This is my life. Like any full hearted woman, I would love to meet the ideal man. He would have to be a strong man of character. One that I could trust with my heart. We would have to have a few similar interests such as music, travel, perhaps creative writing or artistic endeavors. He would need plenty of enjoyment of good conversation and understanding. We would understand each other where words fail. Forgiving when needed, and we would both be more concerned with being a blessing, than how the other might bless us.  Again, this is my ideal, but when the Lord touched me with a call to be a writer of Music, with this gift for my life; music became my true love.

Sometimes I wonder if I was wrong to pour so much of my heart into this call.  I had plenty to express and composed nearly 2000 songs! But there is not much to do when it is a miracle that comes to you. It just takes over. I became a wordsmith and a channel. For true love.

I’ve looked at life from both sides now.

Let us all be free to be ourselves.

Woman and Men as Equals –

Men as Leaders for the sake of Love.

Freedom Fighters.

For this new generation, holds more freedom, than the last generation has culturally realized.
I trust that many will find this truth—-