Be Committed –

commitment, be committed, Miss Kristin

Truly experience an abundance of good.

When you desire to live large, even in little ways, it is essential to live committed in your integrity and with relationships.
And when you want to grow your personal groove, or business, commitment is vital to expand.

There are multiple ways we need to be committed in daily life.
A great place to start is with your word.

To experience greater happiness and success, we need to have our actions line up with our words.

In my humble opinion, this should come before we attempt long term relationships,
because if we cannot keep our word; we will be letting others down, as well as ourselves.
An example of this is when we say that we will do something, and then we don’t.

Integrity is a must.

And no one is perfect.

This is a lifelong challenge, because in one instance, you may find you are able to have your words line up with your actions,
no problem, but in another, you may miss the mark.

For instance, a friend asks you to meet for coffee on Wednesday. You say yes and commit to the time and date.
Wednesday comes along, and you blow it off or call at the last minute to say you can’t make it.

This will not fare well in living large and having great relationships!
Flakes don’t make for greats!

Again, no one is perfect. So I always like to show Grace when others miss the mark and do this to me personally.
But I know within, I must do my best to work on excellence in this area for myself.

So it’s an ongoing practice and something to always strive for.
When we get good at it, then we succeed better in all of our relationships.
Seems like a no-brainer right?
Well there are times I can be amazed at the lack of integrity many people live in, on a day to day basis.

The next way to be committed is to stay with your goals and tasks toward your dreams.
Commit to discipline so that you can fulfill your path.
If you say to your Spirit, that you are going to the gym four days a week,
so you can be strong for your demanding vision of vitality;
and then you don’t go, you will be breaking trust with Holy Spirit, and the vision.

Commitment means perseverance.

Being a committed individual requires perseverance through the low times.
This includes the hard times, the boring stuff and the lonely days or nights where work is required to achieve the dream.

Moving toward abundance in all things.

When you follow through, you will remain on course with excellence, you will obtain greater outcomes.
Sometimes we don’t feel like it. I mean, doing the work.
But you must be able to overcome feelings and push through to follow in commitment.

So persevere. And when you mess up, just say so.

Simply bring it to the Lord and confess in your meditation and prayer.
Receive Grace and move on.
You will do better next time.
And the more you evolve in this area, the more Grace God gives for His glory.

Keep stepping up and living large in these ways!
When you come to the end of your days, you can be content knowing you walk with excellence in heart.
And abundant good in your footsteps!

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