Work Hard For Success!

Work Hard, Reach Dreams, Never Give Up

Any great accomplishment requires effort and hard work.

And great achievement often takes time, so the effort and hard work must continue.

Perseverance is essential to achieving goals.

And for me personally, nothing feels quite as rewarding as a day filled with positive output and hard work, while working smart toward my dreams. In other words, I “seize the day”.

Every day, I am fortunate to be able to take a different way.

I like to think of my song “A Different Way Every Day” on this one because hard work toward a dream may not always be “living the dream”. In other words we often have to do many things we do not want to do each day, or enjoy, as a means to an end,  to reach our biggest dreams and see them come to fruition.

To prevent burn out, it’s ideal to mix it up.

Do not be afraid of hard work and take a different task or work path each day, if at all possible, so as to keep things interesting.

For instance; I have had to waitress, work in a hair salon and do other odd jobs to make the money I needed to produce music. I needed to pay musicians and manufacture product, along with paying for any online or print promotions as I have been completely self funded in my en devours. I worked my rear off, often with three jobs and really juggling things. But today I have tangible results and music to show for it. It was never easy. But when you believe you have a reason to chase your dreams, your dreams will chase you!

My work challenges me every day.

I love to work hard, but I’m smarter now as well. So I work smart. I have more experience today then I had yesterday, so there is a better flow with consistency and practice that only comes from the time in actually doing.

The reason I include to work hard, as a sure fire way to live large, is because without hard work,
its more than likely, you will not reach a goal or the dream you had in mind.

In addition, when you put your head on the pillow at night, after a hard day’s work, and you know you gave your all in the day you were given, your time off, and successes, feel so much finer!

So, work hard, don’t be lazy, and give your all to the task at hand. Then and only then will you truly be living large.
You are a vibrant and consummate dream maker! And keep going.

Don’t give up!

When you get tired, rest a while, but get back on board because great accomplishments take time.

Again, “When you believe you have a reason to chase your dreams, and work hard, your dreams and success will chase you down!”

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