Treat Your Body Well

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Living Large In Little Ways Requires Treating Your Body Well!

A big part of living large in little ways, along with personal success, is feeling good!

When your body is not able to function at optimal levels, mental and physical energy can be compromised.
And it really does not take a lot of money to treat your body well.

In my personal experience, I have come to understand there are ways to live well, on a budget. Some may believe that living on a budget, lends to poor nutrition, and that fresh vegetables are more costly.  But I believe that when there is a will, there is a way.

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Balance in a diet is paramount.

It is essential to get the proper nutrients, especially fresh fruits and vegetables daily.
These are a requirement for feeling alert and energetic throughout the day.

My way of doing this has always been to grow my own food.

Seeds are relatively inexpensive, and you can start small. Once you have a crop, you can save seeds and not have to purchase new ones.
Daily nurturing, watering, harvesting, cleaning, pruning and replanting can be a fun chore.
It is a physical challenge that will keep you strong and you will eat well.

I’ve found dedicating an hour a day to growing my own veggies and even fruits;
bring benefits in more ways than just eating good.
It’s living large in your little way! And delicious!

I’ve learned to make delicious soups, casseroles and smoothies, all from my crops.

Its easy to freeze leftovers, and blanch and store much and more, to make sure you have plenty to pull from throughout the winter.
In winter, frozen veggies make great and creative soups.  It’s a rewarding and healthy experience!

If you have no back yard or small apartment patio, or a place to keep a small garden, then it is important to buy food with wisdom. Try to choose Organic and always shop at the best price markets. This is a no brainer, but cooking and taking good care of your self is a ritual. It is a spiritual practice. So, it is important.

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Exercise is essential to treating your body well, when living large in little ways.
If you are growing your own food, you are already getting important activity.

But if not, consider setting aside at least 30 minutes to walk or ride a bike. Maybe you like to go to the gym and use the machines? Strength training is important, because when you are strong, you feel unstoppable.

This is why, EXERCISE is a big part of living large in little ways. Lately I have embraced swimming. I am not so crazy about exercise that I over do it. But I do hang in there for the sake of good health and physical strength. I’ve always weight trained and walked or biked. I always feel great AFTERWARDS!!

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Treating your body well is also about rest, revival, and love.

This means you must embrace your imperfections. Some days you may just miss it.
That’s ok because you can be back on track in no time.
Rest well.  Get a massage.

Find a sauna or steam bath to take at least once a week. (I call this the Hollywood workout) I prefer steam rooms because they water me. I imagine I am a plant as I fill my core with water through breathing in steam.

Finally, meditate and pray by quieting your mind daily.

This is how you Take Care Of Your Body Well so that you are Living Large Everyday In Your Own Little Way