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Do You Suffer From Verbal Abuse?

Did you know that Verbal Abuse can lead to anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, PTSD, chronic pain, migraines, eating disorders, digestive issues, short-term symptoms, overthinking, indecisiveness, lack of enthusiasm, low self-esteem and drug abuse as well as other abusive continuing behaviors.

I grew up in a home where verbal abuse was a common form of oppression. I was not the only one who heard terrible things come out of a parent’s mouth; but my brothers heard them as well.  My older brother and I were the most affected.

I knew that I had to leave home at 18 because of this oppressive form of abuse. I was severely injured by the time I left, though and it would take another 11 years, to even wake and begin to heal.

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Verbal abuse can be manifested through various kinds of behaviors.

Below are some clear signs of Verbal Abuse :

  1. Mood Killer

Abusers need to be in control of the situation, so they make you feel bad and spoil your good mood whenever possible since they feed when you are sad.

  1. Name-Calling

Name-calling is a way to manipulate others and harm the victim.

  1. Abusers Are Always Right

Abusers never apologize or enter a discussion about their behavior, as they believe they are never wrong.

  1. Blame

Abusers blame other people for everything, in order to make them feel guilty and never good enough.

  1. Jokes

If done without consent and permission of the other, joking can cause harm to the person affected.

  1. Attack Interests

Abusers usually attack the hobbies, and interests of other people, making them feel worthless, and even end up lying.

  1. Disrespect

Abusers usually disrespect others and do not appreciate anything other people do, making them feel useless and empty.

  1. Behind Closed Doors

Abusers usually torment their victims behind closed doors, when no one can see them. Verbal abuse can happen at school, work, and at home, leading to severe trauma.

  1. Isolation

Abused people often live isolated and avoid socializing, in order to protect themselves. They feel anxious when with other people since they lack self-confidence. In case you notice this, do your best to help this person.

If you are suffering from a verbally abusive partner, spouse, parent or sibling, please do not stay and allow the abuse to destroy your spirit. Get out from under it and start on your healing path.

Believe in God, that He loves you more than you know, and has a purpose for your life. I’ve learned you have to always remember who you are in Christ. In other words, you must know that you are a child of God who deserves love and respect and not abuse.