Take Healthy Risks!

Miss Kristin, Risk, Grow

Take Big Risks (Be Fearless) #7 Living Large

Stepping up to greatness, for me, means stepping out into something new, each and every day.

Breaking through barriers and experiencing “the difference” requires getting really good at being fearless and taking healthy risks.

The status quo will never do.

So, in order to live large in sure fire ways, even small ones, little changes along with bigger ones, whenever possible, are needed.

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A good way to tell if it’s time to take a risk is, for instance, if and when you feel bored or stagnant. This may be a state of disinterest or lethargy. Have you lost hope that things will ever change? Have everyday tasks become mundane?  Are you not seeing any progress in your life’s work?

Then do something different!

Say YES more.

Take a leap of faith and a risk that will create a fresh outlook.

Taking a risk requires courage and it usually means facing your fears.

By doing this you can become more resilient and confident in all you do.

Those who take risks are thought to be true leaders. This is because in business, it is necessary to take risks to grow and outsmart the competition. No matter the outcome, taking a risk is good for the sake of building skills to help improve the chances of achieving future goals.

Some examples may be:

  • Schedule a weekend away on your own and go exploring.
  • Buy a ticket to an event you would like to attend. Even a seat for one!
  • Take a class. Study something you’ve wanted to learn and haven’t yet.
  • Donate a kidney to save someone’s life!
  • Agree to the merger! Your Company is on the move!
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Taking a risk to achieve a goal requires courage to face the fear of uncertainty. Most often it feels like all risks, actually feel big, so just make sure you are aware of what you choose to do and have a peace about your choice. Pray first and when in doubt, hold out! Always make sure you are physically safe as you step out in faith.

And whether your risk may be asking someone out on a date for a romantic evening, or going on a five week adventure across the states with only your dog… What is required when taking a chance, is really putting you out there.  And these risks help you to grow.

It is in these times that we become one with spirit, as every one of our cells press forward and through.

Taking healthy risks can make you feel very alive. And when you have succeeded and experienced good outcome, even with challenges along the way, the experience itself invites an ecstasy in living. Not only that, but a heightened awareness of strength and confidence.