Strive For Excellence –

Miss Kristin Excellence Blog

Situations abound!  Excellence Resounds !

Can you hear the echo?

You may not have much money.  And you may not have many reliable friends or family to support you…. But then on the other hand, you might have an abundance of money and plenty of great friends and family; and yet you lack enthusiasm and excellence!

Whether you attest to having much, or in contrast, missing in one way or another;
you can live large, just by striving toward excellence.

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It’s in the small things of daily living where we experience our being.

And striving toward excellence brings the reward of joy. It actually is a way of saying “I Care”.

(And you do not need to show this practice off to others. This is between you and God.)

Even in the midst of poverty, trouble and suffering, you can have excellence to give, just because being an excellent person in word and deed reflects positivism to those around you.

Striving for excellence as a form of Spiritual Warfare.

This is being connected to the power within you and Walking In Love as your actions bring life and satisfaction to your spirit.

It’s having your word and actions line up and it’s caring enough to give your best in the midst of any circumstance.
Now, I am not talking about perfection; simply excellence.

In addition, not caring very much and facing daily life in mediocrity, can leave you feeling less than blessed.

Therefore, what we do and how we choose to handle the small and large, important and insignificant, daily tasks and experiences, say much about whom we are and where we are going. (People, who practice excellence, are on the move to climb upwards!)

Sometimes our strength is low, and our will is weak,

but when we commit to excellence in all things and do the simple stuff with distinction and quality, we are rewarded spiritually. We feel good about our experience. And one great effort toward excellence, always leads to another.

Excellence is contagious!

This means whatever you attempt to do, whether it be to clean the bathroom, make the bed, go to the office and face the boss, or drive the kids to school; when you demonstrate you care about what you are doing, and practice striving toward excellence, there is a reward in store for you!

This is the new language of Love for some people. As there are many who don’t really pay attention to their daily routine actions. People sometimes run on auto pilot. And there is no condemnation, but by awakening to the Spirit of Love within, having consciousness, practicing excellence in all you do, you will have more energy to live large in sure fire ways!

Challenges make champions!

So strive for excellence in everything you do and continue to grow in grace.

I have discovered that the nice thing about striving for excellence verses perfection, is that your best is your best.
You know what that is. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about giving your best in all you do.

And if you are tired, sometimes you may just need to rest for a bit… but press through and experience spiritual change and evolution.

Grow to be great!

Even in the little things.


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