Rest & Vacation Well

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Rest Well

An important part of succeeding means knowing when to rest.

We need to be able to take our hands off of the wheel.

Dreams take time to come true. And perseverance is always required.

There are successes and failures along the way and we will all experience times when we want to quit.

Any great achievement comes with big challenges.

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10 Ways to Rest Well


  1. Stay in pajamas all day
  2. Cook good food
  3. Treat yourself to a massage
  4. Meditate
  5. Listen to relaxing and uplifting music
  6. Take a bath and soak in tub
  7. Order in for fun food extras
  8. Enjoy positive people
  9. Laugh
  10. Listen without talking

Having your own business, sacrificing hours for the sake of building your brand, while financially struggling, are factors that build character and test each individual, uniquely.

Our time is all we have been given in this life.

And as most see it, we have eight or more hours a day for work, and another eight hours or so for family and friends, while the remainder is sleep time.

When we spend our time doing what we love, we feel energized and “on purpose”. Spending our awake and important time doing what we dislike or even hate, steals the wind out of our sails, and the joy away from daily living.

But whether or not you are able to do what you love to make a living, or you must show up to some mundane task daily to keep the bills paid, one thing you can do to Live Large and enjoy your time is to savor your down time.  Rest well and vacation well.

Now, knowing when to rest also fits into other scenarios too. Like when you are body building and working out. It’s very important to take some time off for recovery. This is how the body renews itself and grows stronger.

Resting periods are valuable time spent toward accomplishing big dreams.

Maybe you are a student in school with extensive classes and tests to complete.  Stepping away from the tasks at hand can help you experience clarity. Avoid mind boggle, (I liken it to when a car has vapor lock) and see clearly, while giving the brain time to allow all you have learned to settle into consciousness.

When you do rest and step away, turn everything off for a time.

Quiet your mind. Cook some delicious food, and grab a movie. Have a plan to relax. It does not take a lot of money to rest well.  Moreover, it requires freedom from distraction by phone calls, messages, and other people.

Any big dream with all it encompasses, requires periods of “stepping away” to gain clarity and creativity, while recharging our batteries to keep going in the midst of what can feel beyond reach.

Climbing a mountain is hard work.  And it’s easier to keep going when you see rewards and positive outcomes. But when you don’t see results the way you imagined, sometimes it can be nearly impossible to keep going!

Where would the world be without your story and your song? So, for the sake of creativity you must keep going toward your goals.

And when you are revived and you get back to it, the good news is that you will have more steam to accomplish more of your dream. In the end, when all is said and done and maybe many years later, the fact that you gave your best to what you envisioned is an accomplishment in itself.  And the perseverance of following through is a gain that goes beyond what many achieve.

Don’t give up as others would. Just rest a while and do it well.