Fine Dine (Even At Home)

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#10 Living Large; Fine Dine (Even At Home)

Food is an essential element to everyday life.

And embracing food preparation and delivery is a routine and practice that can be meditative, relaxing and extremely fulfilling.

Not only do we receive the nutrients we need to live healthy and balanced lives, but we also enjoy an added component of artistic diversity when we choose to create yummy meals, regularly at home!

Now when we choose to eat out and have our food prepared for us, we are treating ourselves, especially for the relaxation of not having to cook. We enjoy being served and the experience of trying something we usually would not make at home. This may be a new culinary delight.

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Dining out is a popular form of entertainment for most people.

This is because dining out is social, delicious, and often a way of rewarding ourselves for all that we do and contribute to our daily lives with those we love.  When we dine out and fine dine, we often dress up for the occasion and make it special.   We may invite friends and family to celebrate with us and for special occasions. But for most people, they cannot eat out and fine dine on a regular basis at restaurants, because of the cost.

Making music is a costly endeavor, and because I have a large catalog, I have for quite some time, had to budget money to create the music I make while living well.  Writing poetry, books and music is my dream of beauty, and the entire journey requires discipline. I, like many others have had to live on a tight budget often times in order to pay for musicians and supplies in order to record and perform.  Creating has kept me on track to bring me much joy, and purpose and I’ve learned great alternatives for living well on any budget from experience, first hand.

So let’s talk about fine dining at home.

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to learn how to cook and especially for one! You have to be able to do it for yourself first and to primarily enjoy the practice of preparation and dining, in order to enjoy doing it for others.

If you’ve never had the chance to learn at home from example of a parent or guardian, then you can always watch the popular cooking shows, or download a cooking app that can challenge you to learn! Now is your chance. So just dive in!

Try everyday or at least every other day, to set aside a meal plan that is beautiful, balanced, delicious and nutritious. Stop the fast food take out trips and get ready to treat yourself like the King or Queen that you are!

This is good experience.

And partners, if you are not accustomed to cooking, this is a sure fire way into your lover’s heart!

So when we practice for ourselves, we become accomplished at creating delicious meals, which satisfy the soul; while adding health to the body and the spirit. By doing this and taking care of ourselves we provide a sense of well being every day.

When you cook for yourself, you love yourself well.

From selection of food, to cooking through to the final presentation, we can now talk about one of the best parts! Eating the meal!!

Whether you dine out or fine dine at home, when you sit to eat, you are entering a sacred moment.

Let’s say you have prepared a dish with effort and love.  You are ready to eat. Set the table simply, enjoy a beverage of choice and turn on some relaxing music. Give thanks to the Creator for the ability to create and eat delicious food. You are blessed to be able to take good care of your body. We sometimes think of cooking, creating and eating as a chore, but it is our sustenance. We are fortunate to be able to create delicious meals.

Fine dining is a spiritual practice of feeding your body and your soul.

I believe it is one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves to create wholeness in our everyday life.

I believe this to be true whether we live alone and are single, or have a partner or family. It is an act of LOVE.

What’s for dinner tonight?

Make it special….. because you are.