Do What You Love Every Day

Do What You Love Every Day

Time is a great gift.

So is our health.

When we have both we have much.

Every individual has a purpose with unique gifts to offer to the world. When we know we are loved, we can best enjoy using those gifts to benefit our lives and the other people within our lives with whom we share relationship.

When we are not loved well, and we grow up being told we are not worthy or not gifted, we can be led astray from the truth of who we are.  When that happens we tend to float along in life without really effectively discovering or applying our own love toward the things we enjoy most.

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When you were a child, what was it that you loved to do?

Were you encouraged or discouraged to do those things?
Now that you are grown, how well do you know yourself and what it is you love and truly enjoy doing?

Sometimes, it can be a journey to discover our true passion for things in this world, and to discover a sense of purpose.

And purpose is important, because it helps us to keep going in the midst of defeats.

Can you believe that I had little idea that I was a gifted writer or musician as I approached my thirties?

Most young people are encouraged to explore and find what they love, but my home life was very tumultuous as a teen and I was distracted by wrong beliefs about myself. I had no idea the gifts and talents I had hidden inside, until the day the Lord touched my life and revealed to me who I was as a child of God.

From that day forward, I was convinced and ready to apply myself to my passion and my dreams with fervor.

But before that I was virtually lost.  Now I am telling you this because I know I am not alone and there are many who have yet to discover what it is they love to do. Finding out what makes you exited to be alive, is a tremendous revelation. Having a sense of purpose that motivates you, (perhaps helping people in some way or providing a solution or answer to a dilemma) comes with a great reward. These returns are priceless. They bring satisfaction beyond money.

Having a life passion and purpose…

and adding to the world stage can make the difference in getting up in the morning with exuberance, verses just another day with a sigh and a double latte.

Maybe you loved team sports and had a passion for baseball growing up as a kid. And today you are stuck in a mundane job with little joy.  My answer and suggestion in a situation like this would be to sign up to referee high school games, or perhaps start trading cards on eBay and going to sporting trade shows with a product idea that revolves around your early passion for baseball.

The above is just and example of how being passionate about something can be transformative.  It’s no secret that many people waste much time watching TV and being more of a spectator than an instigator in life. It always begins with a belief. Because how we believe influences what we do.

I have a friend I went to high school with who loved cars. He would drive a beast around the neighborhood and say things like “You are what you drive”. Well today he is in the car restoration business and everyday he gets up with excitement and brings his passion to his work and his work is amazing. He must have a sense of purpose in his work because it is above and beyond average.

This type of living is rewarding.

So do not stay where you are not passionate about your existence and loving what you do. Life is too short. And this type of living is small. Live large and search yourself to discover the things you love most, and do something toward that love and passion every day.

You can start now. Start today.

Do you love bicycles?  Perhaps you can start a program for under privileged youth where you take in used and donated bikes to be refurbished and provide them to kids who would otherwise not have a bike!  You see where I am going with this. There is always a way and something you can do to embrace what you love in this life, a passion, something you dreamt of when you were a small child.

Sometimes thinking along these lines, can help you to come to your own truth. Living large compels us to do what we love every day. Don’t put it off and take time for granted. Times ticks by too fast and before you know it, your health is not what it was and things are more difficult, and then eventually time is up.