I Live for Love Eternal

If someone wanted to write a song about me, they could name it; “Big Mountain”.

This is because I had a big mountain of fear and trauma that I needed to overcome.

Love Eternal

My song writing and music productions and performances are my life’s work-

There is a call and a purpose; intended to lighten and move the listener.

Most of the good stuff comes through real pain.

There is only so much time…

First stage the writing came.

The second stage, music.

Then the productions arrived.

Now I can only be sure the performances shall manifest.

I Work for Love Eternal

It may be unknown the length and width of my impact and this great love.

It has no bounds, and even if I lift but a few, I help in some way, to share the message of eternal LOVE.

I am making a difference and adding to the Legacy…

I am leaving my mark.

I work for Love Eternal

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