Whether we’re single or in a relationship, there are times when we all feel dismayed.  We can be in love with our partner, but still feel we are unfulfilled and feel alone.

Maybe there is not much time throughout the work week to spend with your friends or a partner and you feel isolated and lonely.

“Dismayed” is a song about feeling unfulfilled love.

It is about being in love and feeling disconnected. It is about knowing you really have it good. You are loved by God. You could even say you have it really great. So great; but you still feel like there is something missing, or hurting.

As adults we choose whatever is right for us individually, in order to build a life that is fulfilling. You may have the ideal home, a beautiful loving partner, beautiful kids and a great home life; yet you still feel alone.

Or perhaps you don’t have any of that. Maybe you are a single person who is passionate about the things you believe in, and you enjoy your freedom and friendships. But still, there is a lonely feeling that rears its ugly head, from time to time, to come and go.

Regardless of your situation, please know that you are not alone. 

Loneliness appears to exist. People long to connect with another on a deep and intimate level with a sometimes wish that someone would take you out of yourself and lead you into the comfort you long for.

I believe only God can truly comfort and heal loneliness.

Every individual chooses who to trust, and who not to trust. We have the choice to make regarding who we will love. If we connect deeply and then choose not to trust, we open the door to all sorts of evil demons, such as jealousy, low self-esteem, anxiety, envy, selfishness, self-torment, worry, and just plain unhappiness.  

When the feelings come; I believe the answer is to go through the pain and face the feelings.

Every person has to confront their own feelings of loneliness. I believe that we can come out the other side, where the feeling of being alone has no power over us any longer. It is only a lie.  It no longer makes us sad, or dismayed. Loneliness can be made to have very little power remaining in us to cause us discomfort and pain. 

No one is exempt from experiencing loneliness, even when we trust and love another. Every human being has these moments and we all desire connection. We hope for a hug, or kiss, a conversation, an apology, perhaps forgiveness, and all that goes with having a loving relationship.  

This is the truth is We Hold Divine Love

Healing can feel like a long journey. Truth sets us free.

“Dismayed” is about loneliness as a state of mind that can be confronted and laid to rest, by right thinking.

I hope you enjoy the song”Dismayed”

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