Happy New Year!

She came in like a Hurricane; Happy New Year 2019

She came in like a Hurricane,
It was New Years Eve …
You could feel the urgency of this moment
She blew her LOVE North and South, East and West
in a place filled with expectancy for a better tomorrow, with hope for the hurting and everyone in need.

What does it mean to help someone in need?
It begins with listening to the Holy Spirit within.
Helping someone in need requires understanding. Everything is not always about monetary giving.
Helping someone in need demands being a peacemaker and walking in humility.
What does humility mean?? Humility refers to being without pride. Not arrogant or full of EGO.
To help someone in need means to be a better listener; And to take time listening.

The best giving is often providing comfort and peace to a worried soul; while practicing non-judgment.

Yes, it is good to help with material things and financial needs if you are able, but if you have limitations in this area, there is more you can do to make your world a better place this New Year of 2019.

When we lose ourselves and our selfish ambitions and motives; we can enter a room full of people and instinctively know where the need is for uplifting, reconciliation and hope.

We can bring revelation and really stir things up for the cause of LOVE when we are guided by the Holy Spirit!

It’s very exciting when this takes place! The entire room has been known to elevate! Your place in the world becomes more significant and you are better able to experience the Joy of the Lord in the land of the living!


Happy New Year 2019