Giving to Get

There’s a fine line between love and hate. You’ve heard this before right? Well our motives matter and why we do what we do, is where results manifest and live.

Are you giving love to your partner for the joy of giving? Or are you giving to get love? We all need to be filled up with our own power of love, in order for love to truly flow out from us. Every woman desires a man who is able to take responsibility for his own feelings and actions, and every man desires a woman that truly loves him. Not for his money or something he provides for her. But for who he is.

Are you a powerful and secure man, not a needy little boy, needing constant kisses to feel okay about yourself?  Or are you a woman who is insecure and always needing re-assurance? How we treat ourselves and how our intentions manifest, are very enlightening, when we look honestly at ourselves. Many of us have a false belief that is very common– that our best feelings come from being loved and desired. The truth is that our best feelings come from being loving to ourselves and to others.

It’s not so much what we get, but what we have to give that makes for a great love life.