Trust and Love

Trust is something we learn as very small babies. Trust and love go hand in hand. We trust the first person that we bond with and it grows from there. Have you noticed how cool kids are? They trust nearly every little thing we say! They rarely question us when we tell them something. They have not been exposed to mistrust yet, and surely they would not recognize it at such an early age.

Then kids get older and come in contact with other children. This is when relationships begin. These relationships are separate from the familiar family relationships they have grown to know as usual. They begin to compare lifestyles with their friends and for some; this is when the first mistrust begins.
They find out that it is not normal to be touched by people in their private parts. They find out that it is not normal to be beaten for doing something wrong. They find out that it is not normal to not be fed for a day or even two. They find that it is not normal to watch their dad hit their mom. They discover lies; which gives birth to more mistrust.

Young lives turn a chapter at this point. Young children grow up somehow; suffering through the pain and loneliness of living with mistrust. For some they rise above it and use it as a learning tool. For others they become it; mistrusting everyone and everything. A small number of those people seek help and spend many hours and a great deal of energy trying to conquer it. Once a trust is breached, it creates a scar that often never goes away.

Are you trustworthy? Is it important to you to be trusted? Do you desire to trust others? If your goal is to have a happy life, you must learn to trust again. The bible says, “Love always trusts”. We have to open our eyes and know what is going on in our world. If a relationship has had a breach of trust or if you have experienced mistrust earlier in your life, then you already have a reason to feel insecure.
We yearn to trust. To trust or not to trust is in our control. We can work on more trust and more love. When we can trust, love comes naturally and that always invites happiness.

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