Freedom From Fear

Free from Fear to Listen to Love

When I first got my little VW Camper, and was going to go out and experience camping on my own, becoming an adventurer, I had a lot of fear. I was so afraid that there were only a few moments that I really enjoyed my journey. What was I afraid of? Who knows! I would find something and anything! It was just a spirit of fear that was in me.

Now years later, travelling around in my little VW Camper, I don’t have fear anymore. I’m more comfortable than ever. And it’s really fun. I meet wonderful people all the time.

Some people might ask me, why would you be afraid? I wouldn’t be afraid, they’d say!

Well until you do it, you don’t know what it’s like!  So go out there and do it!


Today, I am embracing my sage-ism. When we’re born, we are a clean slate. Pure and guiltless and open to whatever comes our way. But as we grow, impressions are made and lessons are learned. We sooner or later lose that childlike view and we find that we’re adults with realistic expectations and tons of responsibility. Who has time to consider the deeper issues; not to mention change? We can discover our true nature when we step out and face our fears.

We need to listen to the voice of Love and not the voice of fear!

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