Kid Gloves

Have you met someone you had to handle with care?  Kid gloves; you know? Where you would often be walking on egg shells? Has anyone ever told you, that’s how they feel around you? If they have, it’s a huge red flag and one that should not be ignored. It needs to be dealt with immediately.

Relationships are a tough challenging part of our lives. Especially when dealing with matters of the heart. As truly good as they make us feel, they can in turn tear us apart from the inside in a heartbeat. When the red flags start to rise up, that’s when we need to listen.  We need to address it, as if a baby was crying out.

Have you ever met someone, where you felt you could no longer be yourself in their presence?
Fear is to blame. Through our own fears we hear what they say in all the wrong languages. We interpret through our weaknesses and turn everything upside down.

Some of us react irrationally, forcing our partner to either take cover and hide or even worse become irrational themselves. This is when we both become deaf and blind. When the relationship war begins, there are no winners, only victims. What once was love, kisses and smiles, turns into an ugly vicious battle ground of snarls and hate. We as humans are notorious for ruining so many very good things out of pure bad habits.

No one wants to lose or be the one saying, “I am sorry” every five minutes, nor should a real relationship become a win/lose situation. You don’t want to walk on egg shells and neither does the one your running with! No one wants to have to defend their every breath to someone they thought loved them unconditionally.  If we cannot be ourselves with the one we love, then who can we be that with?

When you know that something troubles the other person or makes them feel truly uncomfortable, it should go without saying that it is just not done. That is true respect. Why would you want to do something to hurt your best friend or even make your loved one feel out of place?