Relationships – Still A Mystery?

When it comes to relationships, deep down, I believe that most of us know, what that little piece, of the puzzle is. Our perception and our reality are worlds apart when it comes to men and woman relationships in my eyes. Generally, men and women’s reality has drastically changed, but our perception continues to remain the same.

This lingering perception still holds men responsible for the majority of problems experienced in relationships; which is not to say that women are unwilling to take responsibility. Women often blame themselves for giving and loving too much. Interestingly enough, females tend to only give and love too much when they are involved with males that treat them badly or at the least males that show them little interest. Could it be that females continue to love males like this, because it is simply in their nature to be giving and nurturing? Or could it simply be simply, that females love a challenge?

Men and women are uniquely different in relationships. Females chase after commitment in the same way that males have always chased after sex. Males often lose interest in females after they get them into bed and females often lose interest in males after they get them to commit. Do you believe that is the reality?

Some would say that females who claim to love too much are the equivalent of males who will say or do anything to get a female into bed. Let’s be real here. Many women think the men in their lives are boring. In our culture, men have been reduced to their animal nature, while women on the other hand, are still somehow separated from theirs. The devil and the angel, so to speak, live inside every human being.

At some point in history, many societies assigned and deemed certain characteristics and behaviors natural, meaning acceptable, for each of the sexes. To this day, people are inundated with these same exaggerated and fictitious images of male and female behavior. Women, as well as men, have been sliced down the middle – able to own only part of who they are.

In order for females to achieve real equality and to stop being their own oppressors, they are going to have to acknowledge, as well as take responsibility for, the disrespectful way in which they often treat males. In truth, women are just as often the villains as they are the victims. Acknowledging and accepting this fact is the only way for women to truly become whole.

I believe the only way to a successful man-woman, relationship, is to approach the friendship with a humble and honest heart.  And when it gets tough, and it seems easier to lie- or run away, for either person, the truth must be told. It must be expressed from a heart of love and not anger.  What does LOVE mean? It means with compassion, and understanding and peace.