A Wonderful Chorus

Makes for a timeless song. A chorus is more or less the heart of a song. At least if it’s a good one. People tend to remember the chorus of a song, while it may not even be the most interesting part of the song at all. For me, writing a good chorus is more a matter of the heart, than the mind.

Nearly all of the classics from the sixties and the seventies have catchy choruses. The Beatles were real masters at this. It seems all the bands that became famous in those days were able to write catchy choruses that would stay in mind forever. Who doesn’t know the chorus of Honky Tonk Women for example?

I find one of the foremost rules in writing a good chorus is to keep it simple. A chorus built around a difficult, but well written musical part, is easier to listen to than a technically simple chorus written in an illogical manner. I prefer to write straight from the heart, and use the chorus to evaluate the song.

I am not one to follow the crowd and focus most on expressing what it is that I wish to say- over easy rhymes. I like a chorus that is hard to forget and I like it when people recognize my songwriting by just hearing the chorus. Most people remember a melodic piece of music better than a monotone piece. So I strive to keep it melodic and timeless… and especially easy to relate to. I like to put the best elements of my song together into the chorus.

My formula for a timeless song and chorus, is short and melodic, yet simple. I hope you are enjoying my music. I pray that your listening experience deepens with every song I bring forward for you.

Love always, Miss Kristin