Happiness Secrets

I believe if we choose to smile more, we can improve our outlook to feel happy and be happy. When you try to focus on the positive things in life you start to see more positive things. Life is more like a cake than a bowl of cherries, each piece of it builds on each other to support you, but you need to choose the right ingredients to put in your body. When times get tough, it is this cake, composed of all that is you, that supports you throughout the day. The annoying parts of your day become less stressful, you know, like the demands from your boss, family matters, car loans, credit cards, mortgages, taxes and so on.

Avoid putting junk into your system. This will lead to more happiness as well. The body requires a constant supply of nutrition, but the quality of what goes in, equals the quality of what comes out. Constantly drinking alcohol, or taking prescription drugs is a quick path to misery and rehab, or an amazing Medicare funded stay at a residential drug treatment center. Tobacco, fatty foods, drugs and donuts; you know what I am talking about. Stay away from this and you will feel better emotionally and physically.