11 Sure Fire Ways to Live Large

Miss Kristin 11 Sure Fire Ways

11 Sure Fire Ways to Live Large in Little Ways!

No matter of your wealth, or upbringing,
I believe we all can live LARGE in little ways

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My personality is gregarious. I tend to be a HUGE dreamer who is expressive and purposeful.

From the moment I experienced a life changing spiritual awakening, I have been chasing my dreams and living large in little ways.

Fiercely independent;

My desire was to reach my dreams by my own sweat and hard work.

I understood and had experienced God’s leading,
but I believed I would have to put in the effort.

Faith without works is dead! Right?

I am going to be completely honest with you…

There were times, on my path; I would feel envy or jealousy toward those artists who had the support of a loving family who believed in their aspirations. These were families who would encourage and support their child in the arts.

My dream was quite large and I did not have the support of family.
I knew an envious state of mind would bring nothing but grief;
So I quickly corrected my thinking, and returned to my humble origins and right standing with God,
in order to continue on my path with a clean heart, independence and uniqueness…

I realized, I could take small steps every day toward my goal,
in the midst of challenges, come what may.

And that is how I learned to live LARGE in little ways that brought much personal satisfaction.

In the coming weeks,
I will be expanding on the 11 sure fire ways to live large in little ways.
I believe we can all benefit from having a thought life and believe system that rewards simple satisfaction,
in a world that is rarely satisfied.

No matter how unattainable or far away your dreams may seem, you can do it!

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