Our Great Intelligence

Jeremiah 1
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God Loves YOU

No matter who you are, where you are from, what race or color you may be, or who you love;
YOU are loved by the Most High God.

I call the Lord of the Universe,
“The Great Intelligence”.

This “Great Intelligence” created the Earth and all that is in it,
with all its mystery and order.

And this living being knows you.


And when you know and believe in your heart that YOU are loved, as you are,
then you become free to rest in this love; all with joy and peace that is within you and around you.

Your experiences make you who you are.  So do not be afraid to try things and experience!

God loves you so very much, and sees you, just as you are.

He understands your heartbreak, your hopes and dreams, and your desire to have a fulfilling life.

I call Him God, because He is my father.  The leader of my soul and the one who fights for me.

How does He do this?  By reassuring me in small ways of His presence while providing direction.

The Great Intelligence of the Universe, our creator,
loves you right where you are,
in your condition.

When we consider Gods heart, we understand His desire for us to be true.
He may show you where you may be going wrong, but it’s only because of His great love and desire for you to experience His presence all the days of your life.

His Spirit is leading.

Allow Him to lead you every way. Do not be afraid to welcome Him into your heart and walk with Him today and every day.