Ravages Of Methamphetamine

Ravages Of Methamphetamine

I was a meth addict in my mid 20’s. I was approaching 29 when I ingested one of very my last lines of the powerfully addictive drug that has infiltrated our nation today.

“Meth” or methamphetamine is the destructive white power drug that appears relatively harmless upon first use.

It is highly addictive and very difficult to stop using once starting. It ravages people to a point where they emerge unrecognizable; deteriorating their appearance, especially their expression, eye sockets and teeth.

I was one of the fortunate ones, who took an honest look at herself. I made an effort to change at the time I was cutting one of my last lines. I had my straw ready on the mirror as I said a prayer to a God I did not know very well.

I prayed “God; this stuff has me in its clinches, and I don’t know how I’m ever going to quit. It has a strong power over me.”

That’s all I said.

The next evening, I walked into a trap at my then boyfriend’s house where a drug raid was going down. I was arrested and thrown in jail because I had my stash on me as I arrived to bring this man dinner.

Sitting in jail, it dawned on me that my prayer had been answered. I asked myself, “What’s a sweet girl like you, Kristin, doing in this situation?”  My entire life flashed before me and it was at this point, that I made my mind up to quit all my vices; cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol. I made a personal commitment to change, clean up and serve God with my whole heart.

The first month of clean up time was painful. My body hurt severely. I would have to take baths every day and at night. The chemicals were in my bones, and my cells. My emotions were a mess too.

The reason I am writing this is to help others to know that they are not alone and it is possible to stop. If you are using, you absolutely must make the effort to quit before it’s too late!

With God all things are possible

Pray first.

Check into a rehab and research community services.  AA is a wonderful source for recovery as well, where people learn the fundamentals of leaning on a higher power. It is possible to change and God cares, but if you block communication and listening to the Holy Spirit, you will not reap the benefits of his help. It is essential; to remain open to His leading.

I met with an old pal yesterday who was at one time, handsome, fresh, vital and healthy looking. He was a prince in my eyes. Now after years of meth use, he has been ravaged. His mind has been affected, he’s lost all his teeth, and his eyes and face are completely gaunt. I was frightened after I saw him.  I had to go home and pray to release my trauma from bearing in mind what this drug has done to him.

Many others have been affected by meth…

Some never quit.

I encourage all of you to watch the Lisa Ling “This Is Life” special on CNN next Sunday PM.  I’m sure we all know someone who has used meth and or still uses it and has personally experienced the ravages of the drug.  You can watch here also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTd5a_BLm3Y

The photo below is a photo I really hate. I don’t even think it really looks like me. It’s a picture taken when I was in the grips of my addiction.  My eyes do not look bright and beautiful like they do today. They were gone somewhere— I was lost. Every day I thank God I got away and was set free while still young. Now many years later, I can talk about it with you and I am extremely healthy and grateful. I’ve dedicated my time to recovery in steam rooms to clear my body of nasty toxins.

My new book “Freedom Wins” will be coming out in 2019 and you can read much more about my path and personal freedom toward immense joy. It’s an intense read I am sure you will enjoy and find it educational, riveting and revealing.

“The thief comes but to kill, steal and destroy, but I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” 

“Our adversary, the devil, runs around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”