Brothers Keepers

We are our brother’s keepers, in word and in deed
A light shining in darkness, a place for all to see
A Universal attitude attending to each need
We are our brothers keepers, to thrive and exceed
The broken hearted and the lame, some stumbling and sleeping;
those worn by the toil of the day; bound, tied and weeping

We are our brother’s keepers, for loves perfect sake
Living thirsty waters, born to come awake
America has its promise, was made for you and me
And this land is our land, for the generous and free

We are our brother’s keepers, so what’s in it for you?
A velvet sun, a blood moon, the lasting joy of truth
We are our brother’s keepers; with plenty enough to share
We our are brothers keepers, for Love now when you dare
(c) 2018 Kristin Pedderson