Sexual Assaults

Unfortunately, assaults happen in high school and at collages and in the workplace.

We are in a world of good and evil

and we all have temptations that we are faced with and scenarios, for conforming in a world, where we do not know who we are.

I was fourteen when four boys cornered me on a football field. I did not recognize them and they may have been from the East side school, yet, the incident happened and changed my perspective on freedom and safety in a big way. These boys surrounded me and tried to push me into oral copulation. I got really mad and for some reason, they backed down. But I went away very frightened and freaked out. This has challenged my trust— in men.

There were three times, that I was sexually assaulted in my youth by someone outside my home. The one above was the first, the second was a man driving down the Minneapolis road on a snowy winter’s day. I was walking and he came up beside me while pleasuring himself to make sure that I could see. It was a brief encounter, but one that added to my fears.

The third time was a music guy at Capitol Records. He was meeting with me for what I thought was to discuss a record label signing. I was naive and said yes, when he invited me to his room for further discussion. He came out of the bathroom naked and started forcing himself upon me. I left crying, and a few days later, he sent me a box of cds and a note that said “I’m Sorry”. Oh… Ok

It is good to listen to both sides, of any issue.

Its important for these assaults to stop and for discussions and prosecutions to take place on a regular basis. Immediately! In years past, rarely did people, (especially women) open up and report these sexual assaults. I personally did not feel I could confide in anyone and talking about it, I feared, being treated like a whore and thought of as promiscuous. That is how I felt then.  Today are coming alive to the importance of honoring the moment and speaking up with the truth as it occurs.