Poor Girl In A Rich House

Maybe Melania Trump is a poor girl in a rich house.

To be poor in spirit means to be humble in our spirit.

Only God knows the heart.

We are in an ‘Information Age’ and this means that the ways we do things as a species are changing faster than you can say, “Humans humorously hunt for humble hints at how to have more happiness.”

I have been surprised by the grace of God in my life more than once. Having little, being desolate and deserted one moment, and then blessed with abundance and a fan favorite, the next. The twists and turns of this life can be amazing. Every turn is to teach me something important in my spirit, and to strengthen me for the way going forward.

Appreciating where we are, on the way to where we are going, is very important.

Never lose sight of who you really are. When you come into new levels of success; never forget where you came from. This is vital to appreciation.

Princess Diana reminds me of someone who was a good example of being humble in spirit and perhaps a poor girl in a rich house.

Her life took harrowing turns until it ended. But I believe Diana was the same sweet and humble person through it all.  She did not change her honest way when she became rich. Her heart was poor in spirit. In other words, she was humble.

A poor girl in a rich house-

Must be what the kingdom of heaven is like.