The Listener

The Listener asks….Can you feel me?

In Life; listening is good.


I am often faced with people in conversation who are not always the best listeners.  What I have learned to repair this is to be a great listener myself first, putting the other person before myself, and foremost, making sure they are and feel understood.  I do this by repeating back to them what they have just said. This technique helps in communication immensely. It makes the other person feel like what they are saying and how they are feeling, is getting through.  Once they feel understood, it usually allows me an opening to then communicate my feelings.

If a person in conversation is in their own head, while I speak; I ask, did you understand what I just said? Please would you repeat it back to me?  Sometimes they do not like this request, but it is an important one.  It demonstrates willingness to understand me as well.

Conversation is a two way street.

Both people in conversation should feel completely understood for the best results.

When we get to heaven, every loving, encouraging and helpful word we speak will be rewarded.

Wouldn’t You Agree?

People look up to positive people for guidance into love and light.

Not darkness, lies, irreverence or disinterest.

When we are first and foremost a good listener, then we can be a good guide.

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