Paralyzed, Burdened, Broken

Guilt, shame, freedom, Christ, burden, release

Guilt and Shame are people paralyzers. And carrying a burden of shame, and/or guilt can weigh heavy on a soul after a time.  The result may be devastating. Additionally, people walking through life with a heavy burden of guilt and/or shame, tend to lead a diminished life. One where there is a lack of confidence and the belief necessary to go the distance. There is often a feeling of unworthiness.

Most fear is a manifestation of the soul oppressed by guilt and shame. There is no real sense of freedom. And this soul lives undeserving of a beautiful life. Because there are negative self-evaluations and feelings of distress elicited by one’s perceived failures or transgressions.

Many people with a soul infected by guilt and shame, try to run, but there is no escaping. Some attempt to take their life. They want to get away. Others will drown themselves in drugs and alcohol. Sadly, the ramifications of carrying guilt and shame in the soul, often lead to a life in subjection to darkness.

But Jesus Christ is the answer to guilt and shame. He is The Way to be set free in the depths of our being. When we invite Jesus Christ in, all shame and guilt is released, and we are made clean. Washed in the blood, negative emotions lose their power. For some this happens at once, for others it may be day by day.

Guilt and shame may lurk in the places we don’t often show people. These self-conscious emotions may affect every step we take. So, we need to leave them at the foot of the cross to be born anew.

Are you carrying a burden of guilt and/or shame today? Bring it to the Lord in prayer. Christ died to give you complete forgiveness. He came to set the captive free and to restore the broken soul to wholeness. He sacrificed himself, so you can walk free.  Christ came for those who are burdened.

The soul that has their guilt and shame removed at the cross, will laugh louder, give more, dream bigger and rarely give up. There is a power that takes over in the Spirit that replaces the influence of guilt and shame.  Love pours in and negative emotions are removed.

Today, invite Christ into your heart, and be made clean.