Don’t Disapprove Of The Path

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Do Not Disapprove Of The Path

No one truly knows what people are going through, or what causes a person to choose the route they take. And for this reason, we should not disapprove of another’s path. Instead, we do better to focus on what we can do with our own vision and path today, along with what our intentions may be.

Sometimes we look at other people and think to ourselves, it’s too bad they are not doing this or that. Perhaps we see something in the person, that the person themself does not see. We may notice massive abilities and talents. But we are all here to learn various lessons about loving God, ourselves, and others. So, whatever we go through to get to the height of Love, is good.

It is no secret; people have daily issues and responsibilities that affect how their dreams and desires manifest. Additionally, what qualifies one as being successful, may be different than another’s idea of success. Nonetheless, in the end it remains, we are here to learn to Love God, ourselves, and others. So, we need not disapprove of the path others may take to get to places where they grow and learn.

Furthermore, people get into trouble when they compare themselves to others. This is where judgment begins. And the root of a matter frequently stems from a sense of inadequacy. We may feel disadvantaged in some way, or as if we have not achieved what we believe we should have, for the time we are in. But this is not a good place to be. Instead, we need to remember our purpose. (To Love God, ourselves, and others well.) We need to consider that there are multiple factors that go into situations taking place around us. Therefore, we do not disapprove of the path. Not ours or others.

Life can be harrowing at times. And it can change on a dime. So, we need to be encouragers. It does us good to bring every thought into the captivity of Christ. What does this mean? The scripture refers to checking our every thought, to make sure we ask, what would Jesus do?

The better we get at regularly taking responsibility for our own thoughts and actions, the more peace we have. And when we notice our thoughts begin to carry us away into a place of negativity or judgment, we can be quick to self-correct. The more we remain focused the better. 

Success is living a life of loving well. When each of us comes toward the end of our days, we will either feel positive about choices, (in thoughts and deeds) or we will have regrets,and wish we had traveled the path better. There is freedom in holding Christ in the center. When we mess up, He is our comforter and redeemer. When we listen and obey, He is our Waymaker.