Children Of Light

Children of Light

What makes a person choose what they will tolerate or become has much to do with experience and conditioning. Many people live mediocre lives due to their beliefs about themselves. But we are called to walk as children of light. And what this means is to hold the truth of Christ as our righteousness. As we do this, we experience faith that can overcome all wrong thinking. We learn to believe and adjust our sails to all that God has for us in His glory.

What most people believe about themselves is deeply rooted into the subconscious. And so, what exists within the human psyche are either truth or lies. For this reason, we need to be able to discern. For when we receive the Truth of God into our hearts, there is no longer any power in the lie. And although we will always be flawed, Christ as our righteousness and the cornerstone, permits us to walk as children of light. 

Now, first we must believe. We need to have a solid faith and know the Truth. Jesus said in John 8:32; “and you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.” So, overcoming a life of limitations, shattered dreams, damaged relationships, and scarcity, can be accomplished with a fervent grasp on Christ and what His righteousness provides for each of us individually. As we focus on right believing, over time we develop an overcoming mindset that is rooted in Truth and grounded in Love.

And God always lets us choose. He does not force His light upon us. The Lord reveals Himself to us, in glimpses of His glory, and at times through signs and wonders, wake up calls, everyday miracles and provisions, which help us to take notice of a greater intelligence working in the Earth. But then He requires us to choose.

When I was touched by the Holy Spirit in a dream, I was asked to choose. I knew it was the Lord. And I felt afraid. I felt fear. Yet, I made the choice to say yes at that time. I woke up and was born again and many miracles occurred after that confirmed my experience. The Lord also showed me that I had a mountain of issues to overcome. Now thirty-two years later, I am firmly rooted in Christ.

The Word also says, “I set before you life and death. Choose life.” So, I beseech you my brothers and sisters, to not get lost in the world. Choose life. Choose Jesus Christ and invite Him to live in your heart. Let us walk as children of light in the world and into the heavenlies. This is your time to shine. 

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