Never Lose The Wonder!

wonder, joy, hope, imagination

We are so small in this BIG world. Let us never lose the wonder!

And if our thoughts become trivial, and unappreciative of the grandeur in things, it is time to change focus. We have the power within, through the Holy Spirit, to make anew.

Have you experienced a breathtaking view or a beautiful place? Or perhaps felt a moment of happiness and connection with someone you love? Focus on this. And remember as if it was yesterday and so then it will again, be alive today!

When we are feeling caught up in the difficulties of life, and the pain that surrounds us with our own and other people’s sufferings, we can forget the splendor of our journey. So, if we can just recall the beauty in something great; something we have experienced at some time in our lives, we can change the trajectory to experience new wonder in being alive!

Even without eyes, we can see within our minds eye, the beauty, and the wonder of this great life we are blessed to experience. For in every breath we breathe, there is a gift to see! My brothers and sisters do not let the news of the day and the troubles we all have to some degree, steal the joy that lives in your heart.

And if your happiness has been buried or hidden, you can again unearth this joy, to find appreciation in a way where your love and enthusiasm spreads. For we need every bit of every person’s enthusiasm for good today to overcome the evil that exists and the darkness that comes to steal, kill and destroy. Be the change and commit to be different. Choose to be the person who uses their imagination for beauty to be realized. You can do it! And the world needs you now.

Let us never lose the wonder! Wonder always begins with appreciation and imagination!

Have a wonderful time