Hold The Bright Light 

Holding a bright light, requires embracing the depths of our being. It is a life of excellence and in this world of dichotomies… (the good, the bad, the light and the dark) we need to embrace and face the darker parts of ourselves to experience this joy. So how do we do this? By repentance. 

Most people avoid having to look in the mirror to make an honest assessment of themselves. Many have little desire to expose and release errors of ways.  This is because facing sin is painful. And for this reason, many individuals just keep walking while stuffing issues and hurts.   

But we need to become accustomed to taking time with God in meditation and prayer daily, to seek a brighter light along with increased clarity. The goal is to bring concerns up for release from our personal managing into His higher purpose and management. 

Repentance rarely feels enjoyable. Yet to take pleasure in and experience the light, repentance is very necessary. It is an important undertaking. Especially when we want to burn bright and hold onto the valuable light that shines through our eyes. Never lose your sparkle! 

Many sensitive people do not like to look at places where they would benefit from correction. Additionally, an abundance of individuals think they know it all! But even though repenting doesn’t seem like a happy place. It does produce happiness. Because, from tears, comes joy. 

Now we can stay mundane and live the status quo and have fun and think everything is cool, but there is something that we miss when we do this, because there is more we can experience. 

Holding the light is an enjoyable reward. When we have this joy, it’s usually because of something that we understand to be good in our lives. It’s happiness. But moreover, it stems from excellence in character. When we commit our way to Truth, excellence bubbles over producing even more light. And when we have issues that we are not facing, there is a veil over our learning. Additionally, we may feel a darkness or sadness and we are not even sure why. 

So, we need to face both the good and the bad within ourselves and bring it all to the cross of Christ. Clarity always comes after repentance.  You can hold the bright light in this life!