Get Into The Mix!

Bring The Light, Faith, Speak The Truth

The world needs you to be the light amidst darkness. So, remember to get into the mix.

There are many who need a helping hand. And when we follow what the Lord requires, we are a people who value mercy and practice justice. We understand how to walk humbly with God and are at our best when loving the unlovely. Additionally, on our path, we are being refined. We do not want to avoid people because they can be difficult.  Instead, we need to remember we are light workers to embrace situations where we shine forth and bring the light.

And we become further refined and blessed as we Love our neighbor. Here we can lead by example. However, we do not want to be like pigs in the mud to stay in places that are less than desirable. So when we get in the mix to shine, we need to demonstrate Christ’s Love. 

We remember as we bring the light that Love is patient and kind. So we are, and especially with those who appear a bit rough around the edges. We can be patient because we have all had rough edges from time to time. We may first say to ourselves, oh no Lord, I can’t do this! But because we are light, we can do it. We can bring the light.

Being Christian brings with it a covering. And welcoming Jesus inside your heart brings superior direction, supernatural healing, wisdom, and protection.  So as we get into the mix and take it to the streets, we step out into the places where people have real needs. The gritty places. 

It may be, we have only to offer an important Word of encouragement. And we do not always need to circle with those who are pristine in their behavior and thinking. When we attempt to be around only the rich, or the people who seem to have it all together, we miss the mark. 

So, get in the mix today and find true joy. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. One day, you will be glad that you made the choice to demonstrate the Grace of God to someone who really needed to experience it. You can do it!