Beautiful in Gods Sight

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Whether you are a man or a woman, chances are, you have experienced self-esteem issues. And doubting yourself does not serve well. Because the Truth is, you have ALWAYS been beautiful in God’s sight.

In this wild world, men are presumed to be fighters and warriors. They are anticipated to have integrity and strength. Men experience violence. Every boy is challenged by conflict, race issues, and power struggles. Additionally, there are men who are more sensitive, and they grapple in these situations.

Being a woman is also a challenge. Women contend with not being treated as an equal. Some women feel oppressed and at times seen as possessions requiring permission to be who they are. Some women are not paid equally for the same job. Men are preferred over women even when having equal qualifications. Furthermore, in some Middle Eastern countries, women are mostly hidden, with few rights and little education. Add to that, sexual abuse, rape, incest, and the reality of predators.

Now, men AND women are always beautiful in God’s sight. And while women seek equality, men are expected to lead. And many men are left to develop on their own. Floundering about until they figure out that leadership involves being a caring servant, and not a dominating ruler. So, with all the pressure on the sexes, what we have is a bunch of people struggling with belief in themselves. However, when people understand their worth and feel good about themselves, goodness prevails. Additionally, when people struggle with self-esteem and loving self, they may hide or be mean and sometimes abusive. But we are LOVED beyond measure and beautiful in God’s sight. You are accepted just as you are for who you are.

Be aware there is a voice that is against you. This negative voice will attempt to steal your self-worth. We must have confidence in the Lord and His Love for daily endurance. We must remember who we are as a child of God, fearfully and wonderfully made.

It is so very important to do the right thing in difficult situations. It may be the most important thing in the world we can ever do. Doing what’s right by walking in Love, affects self-esteem. So, make the right choice as often as you can to bring the good out. Because you are always beautiful in God’s sight.

From 365 Daily Inspirations by Kristin Pedderson (c) 2022 #ALWAYSBEAUTIFUL #beautiful #mentorship