Moving On Without Closure

Nobody enjoys the silent treatment. And every person has value and merits understanding. When people put walls up and go silent and don’t communicate feelings to simply walk away and ghost without an explanation of what may be going on, it can hurt. This is not the best way, and it happens more in the times we live in.
Now if abuse is involved, it’s important to cut ties in silence. But when there is no abuse and people are functional for the sake of the good, the highest way requires walking in love, which means we care about people’s feelings. And by this, we can be kind to one another by expressing our feelings. We can offer closure and kindness because individuals have worth and value in our lives.
Many of us have experienced the loss of a close friend. We may have years of history with happy moments and shared heartbreaks. But now they are gone. There is a silence where there once was healthy chatter. The impact of this on souls can be devastating and very difficult to overcome. Often, they produce a root of rejection.
In life and love, we are never truly in control. But when someone fears losing control, they may walk away in silence. So, we need to be compassionate, and learn to be brave. We can take the high road. We need to value our brothers and sisters greatly.
As we grow in maturity, we experience loss. We are changing and this can cause challenges within relationships. But we need to keep going for the highest good. Unfortunately, there will be those who walk away. And many who do not go deep in intimacy.
Additionally, numerous choose NOT to believe in the importance of following Christ over self. But those who have salvation recognize the God experience, and that there is no way to NOT grow and change as we are impacted by the power of Love within us.
Communication is key. And God will never go silent. He will always be your protection and sustainer. And if someone disappears and doesn’t reply to texts or calls, the reality is there is something going on with them. Furthermore, life is short, and we never know the moment we will be called home. So, it’s best to be right with God.
Staying alone and taking rejection by people for the sake of peace with God is above all the most important thing. We need to hold fast to priorities. We can pray for people and wish them well. This helps us along.
God hears your cry, and He knows your heart. He will meet your needs in a new season. In this life there are no guarantees. No one can predict the way things will go. So, there is no sense holding on to imaginations. Best of all, there is no reason to fear the future. All that is needed is to know that God loves you and He will take care of you.