One World Rendezvous Vol II Track List

Miss Kristin, Track List, One World Rendezvous, Vol II


  1. Love So True  – A song about inter-racial love
  2. Promises I – A song about keeping your word
  3. Open Up – A song about opening up – Freedom of speech
  4. Two Way Street – Friendship and/or romance is give and take and never one sided
  5. Poetry In Motion – Walking with the one you love — Has and requires flow
  6. Dream Sleep – Dreams speak of the souls need for connection with the All Mighty
  7. Bridge In Time – There is a life bridge in time we travel from birth to death to our next destination
  8. Call Me Angel – An angel is someone who goes about doing good; Be an angel
  9. Promises II – Same song as Promises I; Unique production detailing importance of keeping ones word
  10. Be Your Lovin Self – Be Loving, Be Yourself – If people do not receive it – Move on
  11. Work It – Muster up the strength to face fears – For a better and more fulfilling life
  12. Seven Candles – Never forget the loved ones who go before us
  13. To Be Real – Life is not about being right or wrong – It is about being REAL